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[sticky post] My Introduction :3

I've started this livejournal since a long time already but I never make this hehe

I'm 4clover96 but people usually called me Yuuki, Yuukirina or Rina <3

Half Indonesian. Know how to speak Engrish (cos it broken lol),
3 type of Malay (Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysian) and a some Japanese language.

Some of you might know me from Tumblr or Facebook cos I'm using the same pen name there.
And yes I'm that crazy meme creator hehehe

But currently only posting meme on FB and gifset on tumblr

Check out Hey! Say! JUMP Macros/Meme on FB

And I'm a big fan of Hey! Say! JUMP
(of course, if not my meme wouldn't be about them hehe)

And also Sexy Zone (5-nin!), Johnny's West, NEWS, Kat-tun, Johnny's Jr
(I only make meme about them sometimes .You can find this on Tumblr. Usually I make crossover)

[More about me?]
Bias :

1) Inoo Kei ~ <3

Isn't he cute <3

2) All Hey! Say! JUMP member tehee

Fav OTP:

#Basically all Inoo's OTP (^_^)
#YabuIno, TakaIno, Hikanoo, InooDai, OkaNoo, InooJima, InooChi, InooYama
(now you know why I always make meme on him :P)


# Chiitaro


# NakaChii

download (3)

But I love other pairing as well if not.. I can't make meme about them >_<
Douzou yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

Btw you can't find any fanfics in my journal cos I can't write one but instead I make fanfiction type meme which you can mostly found on FB page


TakaInoDai meme

Oh yes you can use my meme as a plot for your fanfics but please tell me cos I want to read as well hehe (crazy fanfic reader here)

Let's be friends ~ :3

The reason why I'm no really active in here is because idk how to use it ><

Feb. 7th, 2015

I'll share some of my 2014 meme collection :3

I dun want this journal to be empty -3-

Caption : Yamada the Cheerleader

Caption: Hikaru officer and his comrades

Caption: My girlfriend is a Yamada's fanboy

Caption: Poor Yuma

Caption : Inoo's harem

That's all from me Ja ne~

Jun. 12th, 2014

Because I don't know how to use LJ properly so I will make this journal as my wallpaper sharing page :) It's a waste if I just store it in my computer right?

Daiki2Arioka Daiki Wallpaper

h002 (2)
Simple Hey! Say! JUMP wallpaper

MarisoshoriMariSouShori Wallpaper

That's all :)
I wonder if someone actually visit this page after all.... 
I'm sharing some of my wallpapers edits~

Hope you like it :)) Comment if taking :P

Yamada Ryosuke





I have a tumblr account and active in there :) 4clover96.tumblr.com


Waiting for my Yuma Nakayama's Missing Piece DVD... I havent received it yet...

New School

Because of exam I cant log on to LJ *sigh* and now I will moved to a new school which are like a collage and seriously it was huge O.O


Hi, I'm Clover! Im a normal 16 years old who love Hey! Say! JUMP, NYC, Sexy Zone, and Bakaleya 6 sooo much. I will post something in the future but IDK when because my connection was quiet bad......